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What Kind of Resins Are Used For Pipe Lining?

Pipe relining is an advanced method of fixing damaged pipes. Unlike traditional ways of repairing broken tubes, relining is cost-effective and less invasive. The main component in tube relining is the resin that's used for creating another pipe inside the damaged one. You will find that different pipe relining and blocked drain Sydney service providers use different kinds of resins for this. So, right now, the question is- what kind of waxes are there and which ones are the best.

To know the answer to this, read on below:

How many kinds of resins are used for pipe relining?


Polyester Resin

It is affordable and greatly made use of in large scale municipal plumbing jobs. Polyester resin is used for such purposes because it meets multiple municipal codes regarding municipal pipelines. So you will find that sewer pipe relining Sydney service providers tend to use this to fix storm-water draining systems. It should be noted that Polyester resin is best used in well-ventilated areas because it emits a foul odour along with carcinogenic compounds.

One advantage of this resin is that it can be mixed in different ways. Note that various mixing methods mean different curing times. As a result, the curing time can be several weeks or just a few minutes. Know that longer curing times are beneficial for pre-soaking entire pipes in the resin before shipping them off to another location for insertion.

What Kind of Resins Are Used For Pipe Lining?

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is mostly used by residential sewer pipe relining Sydney service providers. It is very expensive, but it doesn't emit any noxious fumes, and neither does it shrink while curing. As a result, it is the preferred resin for industrial, indoor, and commercial pipe relining.

Since epoxy resin has a short curing duration, so it is not possible to premix it. As a result, it cannot be used for long-distance lining purposes. For it to work, it has to be mixed right on location. After mixing, the resin has to be poured into the damaged pipe. People will find that since epoxy resin can be cured quickly, so the lines will be in working condition soon.

What Kind of Resins Are Used For Pipe Lining?

Vinyl Resin

Vinyl resin is used for those tasks where corrosion resistance is needed. Know that since it is a mix of both polyester and epoxy resin, so it has both if its properties. It is expensive like epoxy and comes with the noxious cancer-causing fumes of polyester as well. Due to its benefits as well as drawbacks, it is mostly used in outdoor commercial jobs. Vinyl resin is never used for indoor plumbing purposes.


So, different kinds of resins serve various purposes. Polyester resin is used for a commercial large-scale municipal jobs, epoxy resin is used in residential cases, and vinyl resin is applied in cases where corrosion resistance is needed. However, it should be kept in mind that epoxy resin is the widely used resin and used by most pipe relining and blocked drain Sydney service providers. So if you need to get a damaged pipe fixed, contact any pipe relining service providers. You can rest assured that they will be using epoxy resin for the lining.

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