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Hire professionals to repair or clean blocked drain in Sydney

Save Your Drains from Clogging—Use Filters for Garbage Disposal

Clogged drains are inconvenient and messy nonetheless. But more importantly, they can damage the entire plumbing system of your property. The basic principle to prevent clogging is to be very careful about what you are throwing down the drain. One easy way to avoid blocked drain Sydney is to use a good quality garbage disposal and sewer filters. 

More often than not, people believe that their plumbing systems are sturdy enough to withhold anything that is put through the pipes. While it may not always cause leakage or crack in the pipes, it can always end up blocking the drains, eventually leading to an overflowing sink, water spillage, slow-moving basin, or malfunctioning toilet. Putting solid waste through your drains is never a good idea. But, there are certain other household items that can damage your pipelines in more ways than simple solid items. For example, you should never put paint down the drain, for it hardens up and can block the line. Eggshells, coffee ground, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, floss, fat, lard, cooking oil, corrosive materials such as acid or caustic, cotton swabs, lumps of hair, stringy vegetables, pasta, or even cat litter can clog the drain.

Save Your Drains from Clogging—Use Filters for Garbage Disposal
Use Filters to Avoid Clogging

Experts recommend that attaching a garbage disposal unit in your sink is an effective way to prevent solids and other harmful objects from going down the drain and avoid clogging. It is important to understand that the inside of many kitchen drain lines is by no means smooth and wide open. The insides of old galvanized iron drainpipes develop a scale over the years. Modern plastic PVC or ABS plastic pipes can also have deposits, especially hardened grease and other solid food particles. Now, it is unlikely that the deposit within your pipes will be washed away by the regular water flow of the sink. Eventually, they start to form lumps and obstruct the drains. 

Clearing blocked drain Sydney can be a toilsome and costly affair. This is where garbage disposal systems and wastewater filters come in handy. The garbage disposal system works by grinding the solid items into finer particles and turning them into a slurry so that they can be easily washed away. On the other hand, filters reduce the amount of wet waste solids and grease typically contained in wastewater generated in the kitchen. The liquid containing wet waste from sinks is directed to the filtration unit. The elasticity of the filter material creates passages for the liquid to escape while retaining the wet solids. The disposal bag is usually attached by a clip-on system and can be changed very easily. You can then put out the bag with the regular trash. 

Benefits of Using Filters

  • Reduces the amount of solids waste and grease flowing into draining systems.
  • Reduces clogging and maintenance of drainage piping.
  • Reduces costs to municipalities of treating sewage at treatment plants.
  • Reduces the odour created by a grease trap.
  • Greatly reduces the need for costly bacteria treatments
  • Reduces airborne bacteria in the kitchen

Blocked drain Sydney are not just a problem for your plumbing system, it can damage the foundation of your property as well as lead to several health hazards. To ensure the smooth functioning of your drains, installing a waste filter and garbage disposal can be an ideal option.

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